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Janine Frank Classes
Crazy Patch Bead

Thursday, April 2
​Using fabric scraps, learn how to construct a fabric bead in a crazy patch style.  Then use a variety of embellishments you will be guided through embellishing your beads to made an original one of a kind work of art fabric bead.
All supplies included. You just need to bring scissors and paper/pencil to take notes.

No Sewing Machine Required for these Classes.
All are made using Hand Sewing Techniques.

​Embellished Fabric
Tuesday, March 31
10am - 12:30pm  $25.00

Do you have a piece of fabric or have you seen a piece of fabric that just shouts to be embellished?  Maybe stitches need to be added to bring out or enhance the design.  Or it yells for BEADS or sequins for some bling.  Maybe it just wants some beautiful threads or yarns played on it.  That's what this class is about. 

 This is not a project class.  It's a technique class.  Bring a piece of fabric to class that is begging for something to be added to it and we will brainstorm what to do to make it sing.  If you don't already have a piece of fabric for this purpose, we can walk around the shop and talk about what might be done to some of the fabrics .  Then in the remaining time we will begin the embellishing project as we've brainstormed. 

 Please note, this class is for creative thinking.  While you will be stitching in this class, the class is more about different ways to look at fabrics and new techniques to apply to fabric.  This is perfect for building skills for art quilts.  Students should be comfortable with working with embroidery threads.

Tuesday, April 14
10am - 1pm  $30

This class will introduce you to needleweaving patterns and techniques.  This is a fun and easy skill to learn that will give you a new way to embellishing cloth or designs within cloth.  We will also discuss in this class ways these stitches can be used for even more creativity by adding beads and/or metallic thread.
Combined & Embellished Stitches

Thursday, April 9
 10am - 1pm  $30

This class is all about combining different embroidery stitches, then embellishing those stitches to create very decorative and unique designs.  The class is great for crazy quilt enthusiasts as well as avid embroiderers.  We will only be doing a handful of these stitches.  Your creativity will be sparked by the endless possibilities that you can create by combing stitches.
To prevent frustration, students should be comfortable with embroidery and working with embroidery hoop.